Is pain something bad? 

I’m someone who loves to have pain, not because I’m completely psycho, but because I appreciate every feeling no matter whether it is pain or security because I know how it is to feel nothing, not even the pain for which I am in all respects the greatest risks have gone to feel a little feeling even if it is pain but nothing has happenedFor the reason, I appreciate every pain you have inflicted on me, whether physical or mental, I’ve only seen the best in everything, I’ve enjoyed what you’ve done with me, the feelings you have triggered in me and you have So pretty much every feeling in me triggered by which I did not even know it existed, I did not know that you can feel humor that you can feel a voice when you hear someone talking, you gave me too many good and negative feelings at the same time To get at least clear when someone was indifferent to everything. I myself.

Everyone should be grateful for what he has experienced. No matter whether a good or bad things happen. They make us what we are. Only you can make the world full of lies, hate, envy and pain make a better place. God makes sure everyone gets what he deserves sooner or later. So remain true to yourself, live for yourself, be independent of other people. You will find someone who is going the same way as you. We just have to be patient and wait for the right person at the right moment, only then can we go without a dependance of the other, a common way ..


Why do „bad “ People exist?

We are changing us from bad people and negative vibes. We ignore the people who are looking for us, because of those who have always ignored us . We are cold to the people who want to give us warm, because of those who were always cold to us. We lose the people we never wanted to lose, because of those who have made us what we are. We separate us not from bad memories, we live them further. Always remember, with every person who comes or goes, a new chapter opens up regardless of what was before. We do not have to be a bad person just because others have treated us badly. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Sooner or later you will always get what you deserve.There is nothing bad to be left, to have pain, to be lied, to be lonely. Because through these whole experiences, whether disappointments or beautiful experiences, we become mature. This is the only way to appreciate the important things.

A thing we always forget: we live every moment only once, so use every moment and learn from each mistake. 

So many years of education yet, But Nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.

The meaning of our life? Wer bin ich eigentlich?

At some point in the world, every person meets a person who can make what you ultimately can help you find your way. You can not look for that person, you have to recognize, appreciate and engage in the right moment. There is only one person who can show you what closeness, familiarity, longing, passion and everything else means. Some people never recognize this person or learn from the happening, they see everything as self-evident, they live their lives without thinking of others, and therefore without thinking about themselves and their feelings and needs, because what is needed for others and especially for oneself To appreciate and to deal with a pure conscience is time for oneself. You have to be pure with yourself before you can deal with other people no matter whether in the positive or the negative sense, because only after you all your actions after Feel, but also choose with understanding, you know what you do well and only then you can appreciate other peopleWith each passing day, we learn new things, make ourselves consciously and unconsciously thoughts, set goals, develop ourselves further. This means that we are actually a different person every day and sometimes we do not even notice that you have moved away from some people and are no longer on the same wavelength as you once were because each one goes his own way, collects his own experiences, Which no one can take from us and who can never be seen by anyone exactly as you do yourself, because you develop your personality over and over again, day after day, throughout your life.

Irgendwann im Leben begegnet jeder Mensch einer Person, die aus einem das machen kann was man letztendlich ist, die einem hilft seinen Weg zu finden, nach dieser Person kann man nicht suchen, muss sie im richtigen Moment erkennen, schätzen und sich darauf einlassen. Es gibt nur eine Person die einem zeigen kann was Nähe, Vertrautheit, Sehnsucht, Leidenschaft und alles andere bedeutet. Manche erkennen diese Person nie oder lernen nicht aus dem geschehenen, sehen alles als selbstverständlich, leben ihr Leben ohne an andere und somit auch ohne an sich selbst und ihre Gefühle und Bedürfnisse zu denken, denn was man brauch um andere und vor allem sich selbst zu schätzen zu wissen und mit reinem Gewissen behandeln zu können ist Zeit für sich selbst. Man muss mit sich selbst im reinen sein bevor man sich mit anderen Menschen egal ob im positiven oder im negativen Sinne auseinander setzen kann, denn erst wenn du all deine Handlungen nach Gefühl aber trotzdem auch mit verstand wählst, weißt du was dir gut tut und nur dann kannst du andere Menschen zu schätzen wissen.

Mit jedem Tag lernen wir neue Dinge dazu, machen uns bewusst und auch unbewusst Gedanken, setzen Ziele, entwickeln uns weiter. Dadurch sind wir eigentlich nach jedem Tag ein anderer Mensch und merken manchmal gar nicht, dass man sich von manchen Menschen entfernt hat und nicht mehr auf der gleichen Wellenlänge ist wie man es mal war, weil jeder seinen eigenen weg geht, seine eigenen Erfahrungen sammelt, die uns keiner nehmen kann und die auch niemals jemand genau so sehen kann wie man selbst, weil man Stück für Stück, Tag für Tag, über sein ganzes Leben hinweg seine Persönlichkeit entwickelt und immer wieder erweitert.